Vertical Attack

Welcome to Vertical Attack

Vertical Attack is a specialty training program that builds athleticism increases speed and agility and effectively increases a players vertical jump by 3- 6 inches.
It is a 6 week program that is done 3 times a week and uses all the latest technologies for athletes which includes sledge running, parachute pulling, hurdles, weighted vests, plyo boxes and much much more;
The program breaks done all of the core muscles involved in jumping and running and from week to week, muscles will recover and heal to become stronger bigger and more explosive . Some of the muscles that are really targeted are the Deltoids (Shoulders), Abs and lower back, Gastrocnemius (Calves), Glutes and Quadriceps. 
This program has an intensity level of 10 and was built for serious athletes that want to be bigger and better in basketball, not only will it help you explode to dunk the ball but it will improve your confidence as an athlete on the court.
This year (2014) the program will run from July 2nd 2014 – August 13th 2014 , the cost of this program is $700 and there will only be 5 spaces available this year.
This years venue will be at the Stephen Lewis secondary school track and field – 3675 Thomas Street Mississauga
If you would like to register for vertical attack, please fill in the form below payment is due anytime before July 1st. Once the fee is handed in then your spot is more likely to be guaranteed.

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