• Welcome to Runndunk Academies Junior Program, Joining our academy will give your son a head start in the game of basketball as he will be coached by the best coaches and be taught to play basketball the right way.
  • The game of basketball doesn’t just keep your child physically fit but also helps to mold great young men by installing discipline, teamwork, and the ability to learn in a quick-paced environment all skills that will help create success later in life.
  • Registration for the Junior program Starts August 1st and will close on September 20th, 2017. All junior academy players will be entered into the Supreme Youth League for games every month
  • The Junior Program will be from ages 6- 11 years old and will teach the basic rules of the game – Things like dribbling passing pick and rolls rebounding and team structure will be taught over the 6 months of training. Their new taught skills will be tested in the Supreme Youth League as they battle it out for a championship
  • The Junior Season will cost $400 and this will include all his practices for the season, game uniforms, and the supreme Youth League.
  • Practices will be once to twice a week – Practice days and times will be released on the last day of registration
  • Practice Venues – Practice venues will be released for each Jr academy team on the last day of registration