Coach’s Corner


September 25th 2017


Welcome to coaches corner , this week I will be discussing and giving you a brief presentation about prep schools.
Last Season I sat down with 3 parents at the beginning of the school year and really mapped out a plan for 3 of our top students in the academy. We were able to successfully send them to the prep school of their choice . One of them on full scholarship the other on partial and academic scholarship and the other pays tuition.
If you have been asked to read this, it means you son has the ability or potential to be a full scholarship college athlete
It take a lot of work, time, sacrifice and investment to get to a private prep school. So every parent that feels this could be a good opportunity for their son has to be 100 percent all the way in !!!!
Lets start with a quick question and answer portion to my presentation
What is a prep school ?
Q: How else does prep school benefit players?
A: It’s a resume builder. When you play teams at that level and do well, coaches notice. For players who need exposure and/or another year to mature, this level of competition can be the difference between receiving a scholarship and not receiving a scholarship. However, understand it only means something if you are receiving playing time.
Q: Is there any advice for players considering attending a prep school?
A: I would encourage every player to recruit the school, not have the school recruit them. Go somewhere you can play and be happy. Understand that if it is too good to be true it probably is. Do not fall for the promises of a scholarship. Ask how the school can help you, not how you can help the school.
Many of the prep school teams and leagues are stacked with great players, so playing against high level competition in workouts, practices and games forces most players to improve. On the same note, tons of college coaches come through the schools to recruit due to the amount of high level players.